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Domestic Upholstery Kildare

Professional, experienced and cost-effective domestic Upholstery in Dublin and Kildare.


G.B. Upholstery provides residential clients with quality domestic upholstery. Our residential upholstery services are available in Dublin and Kildare.
Our upholstery specialist has the expertise to complete residential upholstery projects to the very highest of professional standards.
G.B. Upholstery works closely with domestic clients and can recommend the right fabric type, pattern and colour to complement the client’s existing furniture and the interior design of their property.
Our upholstery services are a cost-effective method- of revitalising older furniture while giving the client complete control over their furniture’s finish.

For the best in professional domestic furniture upholstery services, get in contactwith G.B. Upholstery today.

Domestic Upholstery Kildare

For over 3 decades, G.B. Upholstery has been revitalising old and worn furniture.
All the fabric we use is sourced by our upholstery expert. We can recommend the appropriate fabric for all types of furniture. Our recommendations take into account the client's unique sense of interior design and their available budget.

Since 1985, G.B. Upholstery has been providing clients in Kildare and Dublin with the very best in professional domestic upholstery services.

To discuss our range of upholstery services, get in contact with G.B. Upholstery today.

Domestic Upholstery Kildare

G.B. Upholstery’s Residential Upholstery Services

We have the expertise and experience to complete quality upholstery services on all types of furniture pieces including:

Bay Window Seating
Corner Units
Victorian Furniture
Kitchen Chairs
Office Chairs
Georgian Furniture

For additional information on our domestic upholstery services, get in contact with G.B. Upholstery today.

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